Student Leaders

At each camp few people are mentored as Student Leaders. They receive extra support, with hands-on practical learning about how to be a leader in the Kingdom of God.

Challenges & rewards of being a Student Leader

Being a Student Leader can be a real challenge. But it's also fantastically rewarding, and helps you develop spiritual leadership skills. Student Leaders...

  • Take part in the Leadership Team’s daily discernment process - a real role in working out what God is saying to us and what we should do about it today.
  • Lead the discussions and provide pastoral care for their own Small Groups - a real responsibility to make sure Upward Challenge is beneficial for all the young people.
  • Meet for one-on-one mentoring and prayer with a designated Mentor - a chance to debrief how things are going, and to be encouraged and helped to grow in your role.

What if it's you...?

Being a Student Leader is not right for everyone. Jesus has all kinds of different roles for people to play in his Kingdom, and leadership is just one of those roles. But for some young people this is the next step in their growth as Jesus' disciples. What if it's you...?

Well, you have to apply in advance to become Student Leaders, and decisions about these applications are made by the Upward Challenge Director for each venue.

There are usually about 5 to 10 Student Leaders at any camp (depending on numbers), but don't let that put you off! Even the process of applying can help make things more clear in your own mind.